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Save 10% on your next Disney Vacation with the Target GiftCard Sale!

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The rumors are true!!!

Today only, you can save 10% with online and in-store purchases of Target GiftCards up to $300. So how does this help you save on your next Disney vacation? Well, Target GiftCards can be used (in-store only) to purchase Disney GiftCards and you all know this is my absolute favorite way to save for a Disney vacation!!! Simply purchase your Target GiftCards online or in-store today, December 3rd, and use them for your next Disney GiftCard purchase at the local Target store. It’s really that simple!

With my next Disney trip less than a week away, I know what I’ll be doing today—saving 10% on my Disney shopping fund!!

As always, you can use a Target RedCard (Debit or Credit) to purchase Disney GiftCards for 5% off at anytime, but who doesn’t love saving even more money?!

*Visit to read the GiftCard FAQs *Availability and participating locations may vary. Contact your local store for verification.

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