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Soar and Save in the Galapagos!

Hello fellow traveller!!

If a modern luxury vacation to the Galapagos Islands wasn’t on your bucket list before, it definitely should be now.

Celebrity offers the most diverse Galapagos expeditions available with 3 stunning eco-friendly and environmentally conscious ships, 6 unique cruise itineraries, 12 islands, 34 ports of call, and 18 all-inclusive vacation package options ranging from 10 to 16 nights including Quito, Ecuador or the wonders of Machu Picchu, Peru. Right now you can soar and save in the Galapagos with 50% off the second guest cruise fare and even get free air when you book the any 10, 11 and 16- night Galapagos Cruise Packages. With Celebrity's upgraded "Cruise with Confidence" program, rest assured you won't miss out!

We're here for you!


Contact Us for more information on Celebrity's Cruise with Confidence program.


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