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Why Morocco Should Be On Your Travel List

Guest Author: Nicole G. | Deluxe Travel Consultants

When you think about traveling to a foreign country, Morocco may not be at the top of your list however I hope that I can change that. Having lived there and experienced much of the culture, I found it to be a sensory filled environment with everything imaginable to engage the senses.

Those looking for adventure should consider any of the major cities in Morocco and I can tell you why...

The winding maze that makes up the Marrakesh souk will have you feeling like Alice did when she landed in wonderland. It may also have you shopping like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (the souk scene was shot here, gorgeous SHOES & plates!).

The sights and smells are like none other in the city of Fes. Everything from fresh baked breads with basil and rosemary fill the air to warm pastries that make honey bees swarm and even the unusual but mouthwatering smell of camel burgers from Café Clock (TRUST ME, it’s a must try, my kids still ask for it!).

While in Rabat, the countries capital, you can soak up the sun typically year round while dining on some of the freshest sushi right next to the coast. Then take a quick walk to the local medina to find the most beautiful handmade rugs and Moroccan lamps.

Those truly adventurous should make a stop just outside of Marrakesh, to climb North Africa’s tallest peak, Mt. Toubkal. And if that wasn’t enough for you to book your flight, how does camping in a traditional Berber tent in the middle of the Sahara Desert sound? A camel ride through the desert at sunset is breathtakingly beautiful and who knows, maybe you’ll find a genie in a lamp.

My top suggestions that can be found in most cities in Morocco:

  • Try the mint tea, it’s the countries official drink. 

  • Schedule a guide for any one of the countries medinas, these can be tricky when attempted alone and the guides can help you barder.

  • Try the Camel Burger, Couscous, Tagine, & pastilla (I promise you won’t be disappointed).

  • Buy a least one Moroccan Beni Ourain rug (best price will be found in Rabat medina).

  • Buy at least one Moroccan lamp.

  • Take LOTS of pictures! The adventure won’t fully set in until you arrive back home.

Nicole G.


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